Tuesday May 07, 2024

World's first Escape Room Series | ft. Zenofar Fathima | Regal Blends & Beats EP#1

Dive into the captivating debut episode of ""Regal Blends and Beats,"" where filmmaker and director Zenofar Fathima engages in a lively and insightful conversation with our charismatic host MKO.

Unveiling the intricacies of the filmmaking world, Zenofar shares her experiences, from the influence of films like ""Castaway"" on her career to her passion for creating impactful awareness stories through cinema. Zenofar also delves into the art of working with actors and selecting the perfect soundtrack to complement her storytelling.

From discussing the challenges of breaking stereotypes in a conservative society to the power of strong content in filmmaking, this episode offers a glimpse into the creative process and cultural influences that shape Zenofar's cinematic vision.

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